About us


Green Cal (Thailand) Company Limited was established in the year 2538 B.E. as one of the subsidiaries of the International Economic Cooperation Group Limited, a leading company in the production of high-quality gypsum minerals for the construction industry both domestically and internationally for over 60 years.

To ensure the efficient utilization of the country’s natural resources, the company’s management began utilizing natural gypsum minerals, known for their high purity, in agriculture. By studying internationally standardized production methods, they pioneered the development of gypsum products for agriculture in Thailand.

With natural gypsum mineral resources of over 100 million metric tons and state-of-the-art production technology combined with ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facilities, Green Clay (Thailand) Limited can produce high-quality products under the trademarks “Green Clay” and “Green Earth” for agricultural use both domestically and internationally, totaling over 100,000 metric tons per year.

The key factor in utilizing gypsum minerals for agriculture lies in the purity of the gypsum. Green Clay produces gypsum from natural minerals with high purity, making it safe for living organisms and the environment. It has properties that enhance soil physically, biologically, and chemically, making it suitable for agricultural use, thereby increasing agricultural productivity and quality. Furthermore, it helps conserve soil and water conditions.

Green Cal (Thailand) Company Limited is committed to developing “Green Clay” products comprehensively, whether in academia or marketing, to be widely recognized and of maximum benefit to Thai farmers for sustainable agriculture.


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